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Despite the name of our dynamic, it is not about incest and pedophilia. We have nothing to do with sugar daddies and sugar babies either. We’re not all bratty either, well maybe a little or just playing around…

There are a lot of girls who call themselves “Lo” or “Lolita” but in general our lifestyle has nothing to do with the novel. The novel’s controversy and negative connotations around the word “lolita” is probably what adds on to the misunderstanding about our lifestyle. While there are plenty of couples and vanilla folks who roleplay incest with people online or their partners, not all of us are like that and not all of us want not to be associated with that.

I don’t doubt that there are pedophiles and creepers in this dynamic that pray on young girls who call themselves littles (you’re part of the problem if you’re lying about your age and luring men to Kik you), but a lot of us do our best to shut those folks down and report their blog. None of us wants to see any minor abused or taken advantage of because someone can’t tell right from wrong and wants to live out their fantasy.

That’s the difference here, DD/lg is a safe way for partners to live out whatever sane fantasies they have. Fantasies themselves are harmless because they’re thoughts and thoughts cannot hurt others, it’s when we lack self control and judgement that they can become a problem. However, for example, me acting like a child around my Daddy doesn’t harm either of us or anyone else.

Before you judge people whom you don’t understand, it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself a bit before making those assumptions. You might learn something new and even find out that your first impression was wrong. :)

Edit: Excuse the fact that I misspelled “pedophiles” in one of the images. I’m so ashamed.


I’m not in this type of relationship (or any type of relationship, for that matter), but the message is still important.

The only thing I have a question about is how do they know what they do in your bedroom so they cam ask such weird questions?

I’m a little confused by your question. Are you asking how littles tell their partner that they’re interested in this type of relationship?


Nevermind I understand now. People who run DD/lg and other lifestyle related blogs do get the above questions and assumptions from people who are curious or don’t understand the dynamic.

For a lot of us, our lifestyle goes beyond the bedroom and many of us blog about our adventures and experiences as a growing submissive and a little.


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I loved the way his hand fit perfectly around my neck. The way he pulled my hair and whispered “good girl.” He was mine and I was his. His submissive.
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Always yours! Xx

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If you think women are crazy you’ve never had a dude go from hitting on you to literally threatening to kill you in the time it takes you to say “no thanks.”

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I can’t even fucking count how many times this has happened to me.

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